What to expect in this course

Yoga in pregnancy can be hugely beneficial both mentally and physically. The World Health Organisation recommends 150 minutes of exercise a week, to include two muscle strengthening activities, of which yoga qualifies for. 

A 2018 Systematic review (Smith et al), which has been validated by the UK Chief Medical Officer) examined the benefits of exercise, which include the following:

Weight maintenance: You certainly shouldn’t be trying to loose weight in pregnancy, but exercise can help in maintaining a healthy weight. We know that increased weight gain in pregnancy and a higher Body Mass Index (>30) will increase your chances of developing certain conditions and is an independent risk factor for still birth, caesaraean section, a big bleed after delivery and blood clots in the leg or lungs.

Medical complications: Exercise significantly reduces your risk of gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension or preeclampsia. These conditions are unique to pregnancy & will disappear once you have your baby, but will impact on your antenatal care, leading to extra scans, clinic appointments and recommendation of early delivery.

Shorter labour: Doing weight bearing exercise such as yoga, can lead to shorter labour time with fewer complications.

This course is suitable for all levels, whether you have a regular yoga practice or are a complete beginner. Practising like many other parent's-to-be in this online community, we will focus the mind away from distracting stressors by connecting to our breath and aim to provide a moment of calm amongst the chaos.

Find a quiet spot where you can stretch out, pop your phone on silent and take some time out for you and your baby.

This course includes 6 full length yoga classes, as well as 3 videos focused on '5 minute fixes' to work on specific pains of pregnancy.

There is a class for each trimester, although this is just a guide and you could use them whenever you prefer.

What you might want to have ready:

  • Exercise mat (not essential)
  • Yoga block (cushion or a large book work well too)
  • Yoga strap (dressing gown or trouser belt)
  • Blanket or rug (towel is fine)

For more full length yoga classes to practice from home, check out The Yoga Doc on Youtube