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Newborn Essentials

When you are expecting a baby, it is completely overwhelming when it comes to choosing and buying the items that will be essential for your newborn when they arrive! With so many available options, doing research helps to know you are making the right choices to suit your lifestyle, and once you...


Everything You Should Know About Breech Babies

When it comes to giving birth, one common concern for new mums is their baby laying bottom up, and the impact it can have on their birthing plan. Breech is very common in early pregnancy, but by weeks 36-37, most babies will turn themselves into the head-first position as a natural movement. If...


How Does Gestational Diabetes Affect My Pregnancy?

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a condition that arises exclusively in pregnancy. Unlike other types of diabetes, it will usually go away on its own, with blood sugar levels returning to normal soon after birth. Very rarely it may be identified in the first trimester blood tests, in which...


The A-Z Of Hypnobirthing

Wondering what all the fuss is about with hypnobirthing? Not really sure what it actually is? Here is a whole alphabet of things to help you gain a better understanding. A is for Antenatal Preparation Hypnobirthing is simply a form of birth education. It will teach you ways to prepare your mind...


What Happens to Your Body After Giving Birth?

At The Birth Collective we understand that so much of the focus in the months leading up to meeting your meeting your baby is often on the pregnancy and birth itself. The postnatal period may be given a cursory acknowledgement and then when your baby arrives the focus moves from mum to baby....


Membrane Sweeps: What Are They & What Do I Need To Know?

It's natural to feel impatient in the final weeks of pregnancy, feeling frustrated to wake up each day to find you’re still pregnant. It’s important to remember that only 5% of women will give birth on their due date and not to fixate to greatly on this date. As the weeks go on, you may find...


Exercise & Yoga In Pregnancy

I’m a big advocate for moving in pregnancy and anecdotally, I have seen the benefits it brings for the women I care for. In this blog, we are breaking down the evidence-based benefits of exercising in pregnancy and more specifically, yoga in pregnancy. A 2019 Systematic review 1 examined the...


Hot Weather and Pregnancy: How to Beat the Heat

Some expectant mums can find hot weather challenging, and during a heatwave, there’s a greater risk of issues such as dehydration, heatstroke, and exhaustion. There are many risks when it comes to high body temperature during pregnancy, which is why we’re offering advice on how to stay cool in...


Pelvic Girdle Pain

PGP in Pregnancy If you’re suffering with pelvic pain, also known as pelvic girdle pain or PGP in pregnancy, know that you are not alone. PGP is something that affects 1 in 5 of pregnancies and is something that as healthcare professionals we can attest to seeing an awful lot of. What Does PGP...


Instrumental Delivery

Dispelling the fear There can be a great deal of mystery and fear surrounding instrumental delivery. You may have a friend who had a terrible experience and still feels traumatised, or perhaps you’ve seen pictures or videos online and are adamant that you don’t want this to happen to you. As...


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